iOS 11 iPhone GUI | Facebook Design

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When the iOS 11 iPhone GUI was released, a group of 28 Facebook designers got together to create a template and Origami prototype library. We designed and created:

  1. Sketch files of components & screens.

  2. Photoshop files of components & screens.

  3. Origami + Framer components.

Through this library, we hope to allow people to more easily design and prototype in their workflow - that we can help designers in their journeys. We also hope that this raises more awareness for Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Apple Design Resources.


In this case, success was measured by a few key points:

  1. Giving back to the design community, in a truly helpful way.

  2. Completing the designs with strong attention to pixel and interaction detail, so that designers could meaningfully use this library.

As a collective group, we wanted to give back to the design community throughout the world.