iOS 11 iPhone GUI | Facebook Design

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When the iOS 11 iPhone GUI was released, a group of 28 Facebook designers joined together to create a template and Origami prototype library. We designed and created:

  1. Sketch files of components & screens.

  2. Photoshop files of components & screens.

  3. Origami + Framer components.

Through this library, we hope to allow people to more easily design and prototype in their workflow - and helps designers along in their journeys.


In this case, success was measured by a few key points:

  1. Giving back to the design community, in a truly helpful way.

  2. Completing the designs with strong attention to pixel and interaction detail, so that designers could meaningfully use this library.

As a collective group, we wanted to give back to the design community throughout the world.


Chelsea Wells | Design Portfolio